Pipe Bending Processes

D. Brooks Welding has the equipment in house to bend your products to your specifications. Pipe Bending is an art as well as a science. When a metal product is bent there is a great chance for distortion to the product if done too fast and outside the tolerance of the specific material. Other factors are wall thickness' and degree of bend. All these factors are considered before a project is started. We use various different methods to bend pipe depending on the size, material and degree of bend or bends required.

Bender Dies We have perhaps the largest collection of bending dies in the greater Southeast here in our shop in Birmingham, Alabama. These dies have been collected over the last 5 decades, and we have the experienced staff to use them properly

At the Left is our manual work station for up to 2" diameter Bends. This equipment allows us to slowly and precisely bend your products without deformation and with high repeatablity.


Pipe Bending Methods

The standard Methods for bending pipe, tube and structurals include:
Ram Bending   -   Rolling   -   Mandrel Bending   -   Rotary-Draw   -   Heat-Induction.

High Power BenderD. Brooks Welding can utilize all these methods either at our facility here in Birmingham or at our sister locations.

Ram pipe bending, is a method that which forces a die against the section of tube, pipe or structural where the bend is wanted. The die will push against the sidewall of the material and force it to bend between other, opposing dies on the other sidewall. This will force the pipe to conform to the contours of the die. Used in large diameter projects.

Roll pipe bending, draws pipe, tube or other material through a series of spool-like rollers to apply pressure to the pipe as it goes through them. The rollers positions are progressively changed for each pass during operation until the desired radius is met. This method allows for more gradual bending and less distortion on the pipe or tube being bent. We use this process for many smaller diameter pipe & tube projects.Roll Bender

Mandrel Bending, uses a machine where a fixed mandrel is inserted within a tube or pipe. The bending is done in the pipe just beyond the mandrel. When used properly, the mandrel maintains the size and structure of the pipe diameter better than ram bending, for specific materials or applications.

Heat Induction, uses high heat to allow for softening of the metal, which allows for the bending operation.

Our goal in any bending job is to maintain the character of the material being bent so that it will Quality Measurement perform to its requirement in the customers application.


Depending on the type of bending operation there is always some possibility of distortion of the pipe/tube shape, wall thickness and elasticity of the metal. These physical and mechanical effects are inherent in any metal bending operation. We understand these characteristics and have the equipment, experience and patience in our processes to give you a finished product suitable to your application.



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